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From the Deeper Spaces of the Internet, we bring you what you most need. Or at least may need...or... try:
Our collection of miscellaneous free tools, information, tutorials and entertainments.

All hosted on , free, and guaranteed useful, interesting, fun or funny.
Not a lot of clutter. Not a lot of ads. Just good solid stuff.

NOTE: The link directory that WAS here, has been removed -- since Google's "penguin" update can treat them as a negative score in site ranking... Where before we helped, we may have begun hurting...not our style.

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  De-Motivational Posters - About 200 de-motivational posters. Surely one will fit any occasion where failure, incompetence or frustration needs to be highlighted!

  Collection of Internet MEMEs - What is a meme? "[meem] -noun a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of a virus." In short - an idea as a virus that spreads through the internet. All your base, dancing hampsters, etc etc -check them out here.

  The REALLY BIG jQuery PAGE with 100's of jQuery and Ajax tutorials, examples, and plugins.
  The REALLY BIG HEX, RGB, Named Colors PAGE for CSS HTML or curiousity
  The REALLY BIG PAGE of Free Fonts (win and mac) Thousands of downloadable fonts to use for mac and windows. Free, all shown on one big page with sample text to see what it looks like.
  The REALLY BIG PAGE of Animated gifs (images)Just under 15 thousand animated gifs, available in catagories, or as ONE REALLY BIG PAGE OF ANIMATED GIFS. The default view is by catagory, but if you view the really big page, watch out as it will take a while to load!
Great page for finding fun backgrounds, avatars, icons or just funny animated images.
  The REALLY BIG page of Silly Expressions (who knows when you can use these!!)
  The REALLY BIG page of Random or Odd Facts (of course they're true - they're on the Internet...)
  The REALLY BIG PAGE of Internet Acronyms - ever wonder what nsfw, rofl, aa, or any other text/irc/instant message acronym meant? Likely, you will find it here. A big one page list of internet acronyms.
  The REALLY BIG PAGE of lolCats and cats Thousands of cats. Some lol'd and some just cats. Takes a bit to load as it is all on one really big page of thumbnailed images.

  Add caption to any image - find any internet image, and add your own caption. Make LOL-Cats, make you friends or enemies say funny things, or do something unexpected.
  Turn a picture into ascii text - find any internet image, and turn it into text of your choice. Not overly useful, but very cool. In a monet-pointalism, internet-geeky kinda way.

  URL shortener - hide urls (web links), shorten urls, and/or track traffic to specific urls.
Uses url, and format

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